Roland Burton Hut

Summer access: rarely visited
Winter access: 6 hrs
Location: 49.92942, -122.99321
Hut fee: $5 per person per night

About Roland Burton Hut
About Roland Burton Hut

This small hut on the eastern shore of Garibaldi Lake, in Sphinx Bay, sleeps about 10 people comfortably (built 1969). Since it is in Garibaldi Provincial Park, overnight visitors must purchase a wilderness permit. The hut is open to non-commercial users only.

The peaks and glaciers surrounding Sphinx Bay offer excellent skiing and mountaineering. The Garibaldi Névé traverse also sometimes includes a night at the hut.

The hut is not heated. It has an outhouse and a solar-powered light, and drinking water can be taken from the creek or lake year-round (sometimes by breaking the ice). For more information, see the VOC Wiki.

How to get there

Garibaldi Lake is reliably frozen at least from February through April, and this provides the main access to the hut. Park at the Rubble Creek trailhead and follow the trail to the lake. From the outflow, cross the lake south-eastwards (bearing 111°). Whiteout conditions and high winds can complicate the crossing, so bring a GPS or at least a compass. The hut is not visible from the lake: it can be found 70 m from the lakeshore behind a small moraine, just north of a large creek. The total distance is 13.5 km, with 1100 m elevation gain.

Last updated: March 10, 2022

Conditions reports
New report
Burton Hut Trip April 9th-10th  Matt Wagstaff 

Great weekend up at Burton Hut. Hut appeared to be in great shape and thanks to the previous party for bringing up mouse traps as we did not hear any mouse activity during our stay.

Snow was consistent for skinning/skiing above the first switchback on the trail (although thin in places and the snowline appeared likely to climb quickly), and the lake was still in good travel condition with no sign of melting even around the creeks yet. We had some skin glopping when crossing the lake in the afternoon in bright sun and we found it quicker to remove skins and tour across without them. Our plan was to attempt Mt. Carr and Castle Towers but unfortunately whiteout conditions in the alpine made us turn back at the upper lake just before getting on to the glacier.
April 10, 2022

Burton Hut in good condition  George Jasper 

Able to drive to the parking lot at the trail-head, hiked until the 4km mark and put our skis on. The lake was still solid. We heard there was some mice in the cabin from recent reports so picked up 4 mice traps on the way. Caught 2 our first night, second night no activity. We left the 4 (clean) traps up there, cheese seemed to be the preferred choice. Took a couple empty butane canisters out with us, still a 4L white gas canister left to come out. Our 3rd trip to the area, been 3 years since our last. The new outhouse was a nice improvement, and was in great shape.
March 30, 2022

Winter Season Might Be Over  Karen W 

On our way up, we were shocked to see Lesser Garibaldi Lake half defrosted already. When we started to cross Garibaldi Lake, we could already see patches of blue shimmering through. There was little snow left on the lake, and the top layer was thawing. We tried to zig-zag around the blue patches, but a third into the lake, we were sinking 10-15 cm deep with our snow shoes and got wet feet. We were sad not to make it to the hut but wanted to be on the safe side and turned around. Gladly, we also made it back safely.
March 28, 2022

Fresh Snow, overcast day  Gabby Langer 

Road to trailhead had no snow. Left the rubble creek parking lot on March 20th at 10am. Had to walk with skies on our bags for just under 1km, about 45mins. Switchbacks were in good condition up and down, not much ice on the trail. Saw a few other parties on our way up. Lake was completely frozen, clouds were pretty low an visibility was moderate most of the day. Made it to the hut at 4:30pm. We were the only party at Burton hut Sunday night. Hut was clean, but lots of mice, we used our own stoves, there were a few pots in the hut we used. It snowed about 15cm overnight, went over to a small hill NE of the hut, dug a pit (there is a MIN posted on Left the hut at 11:30am, made it back to the car at 3:30pm, had to walk out about 750m, didn't see any other parties Monday. Snow was sticky on our trip back across the lake, we used ski wax and it was a life saver!!!
March 21, 2022