Brian Waddington Hut

Summer access: 2.5 hrs
Winter access: 6 hrs
Location: 50.63059, -122.67985
Hut fee: $10 per person per night

About Brian Waddington Hut
About Brian Waddington Hut

Built in 1998, this spacious hut sits in a subalpine basin at 1715 m beside Long Lake. It sleeps more than 25 people. The hut is open to non-motorized, non-commercial users.

Backcountry skiers visit the hut for dry snow and challenging runs. In summer, Mt. Gandalf, Mt. Aragorn, and Mt. Shadowfax are fun scrambling destinations. The VOC discourages visits to the area between August 15th and October 15th, when it is sensitive habitat for grizzly bears.

The hut has a wood stove (winter use only) and an outhouse. Firewood should be used sparingly, because it is carried in by volunteers. A creek south of the hut is open year-round for drinking water. For more information, see the VOC Wiki.

How to get there

Blackwater Creek FSR is ploughed in winter up to the start of Phelix Creek FSR near km 13 (2WD accessible with low clearance). This is the winter parking lot. In summer, drive 4.4 km up Phelix Creek FSR to the barricades at the second bridge and park (2WD accessible with moderate clearance; keep left at the fork before the bridge). Walk up the road through a few cutblocks until the road becomes a trail and climbs through mature forest to Long Lake. If the lake is not frozen, walk around the north side to the hut. The total distance is 5.5 km and 600 m elevation gain (9.9 km and 1090 m in winter). In winter and especially in spring, there is overhead hazard along Phelix Creek FSR from large avalanche paths.

2021 Phelix GPS track

Last updated: Aug. 28, 2023

Conditions reports
New report
Good as could be (but under repair)  Zev S 

3 hour walk up the trail from the summer access point (our 2wd van made it up fine).

The hut has tools strewn about but this only takes up half of the downstairs space. Upstairs is empty and fine. Minor paint fumes, but didn’t cause me and hiking partner any issues.
Aug. 29, 2023

Nice trail, just a few people walking around  Eduardo V 

We booked the visit for 10 people. Ended up 6 people. Nobody else was there. We were able to reach to the beginning of the trail with the car. So We hiked around 1h 40 min to the hut. The conditions of the trail and the weather were perfect. When we arrived, this volunteer, Jeff, was working on the hut and told us that the hut was closed due to maintenance so we had 2 options: Go home or sleep there with him working around until 2 am or so. (In the website says that the roof renovations were already done the 15th of August). Everything inside the hut was full of tools and materials. We decided to sleep inside. I was helping Jeff with the hut renovations. Other than that our stayed was alright. We tried to not bother him too much and we just went to the hut to sleep.
Aug. 26, 2023

Yet another roof update  Sonia Landwehr 

Almost complete with the construction on Phelix's roof. Clean-up will take some time and the hut will not be ready until the bear closure starts (Aug 15-Oct15). Wasp nest on the railing of the bridge about 2.5 km up the trail from the current parking (only little bridge with a railing). Saw a black bear on the road up (by the fork up Phelix Creek Rd). Also the outhouse has been fixed and gross tp cleaned up.
Aug. 11, 2023

Another roof update  Sonia Landwehr 

Drove up to almost the old truck, hiked up in less than 2 hours (1st km still overgrown). Spent the weekend with a rotation of 15 people putting in insulation, lots of wood bracing and strapping, outer plywood, and a water proof layer. The roof is not quite done, we hope to finish up this coming weekend and clean up soon. If anyone is planning to come up and can help carry garbage down (we'll make it as light as possible), we will be forever grateful
Aug. 5, 2023