Brian Waddington Hut

Summer access: 3 hrs
Winter access: 6 hrs
Location: 50.63059, -122.67985
Hut fee: $10 per person per night

About Brian Waddington Hut
About Brian Waddington Hut

Built in 1998, this spacious hut sits in a subalpine basin at 1715 m beside Long Lake. It sleeps more than 25 people. The hut is open to non-motorized, non-commercial users.

Backcountry skiers visit the hut for dry snow and challenging runs. In summer, Mt. Gandalf, Mt. Aragorn, and Mt. Shadowfax are fun scrambling destinations. The VOC discourages visits to the area between August 15th and October 15th, when it is sensitive habitat for grizzly bears.

The hut has a wood stove (winter use only) and an outhouse. Firewood should be used sparingly, because it is carried in by volunteers. A creek south of the hut is open year-round for drinking water. For more information, see the VOC Wiki.

How to get there

Blackwater Creek FSR is ploughed in winter up to the start of Phelix Creek FSR near km 13 (2WD accessible with low clearance). This is the winter parking lot. In summer, drive 4.4 km up Phelix Creek FSR to the barricades at the second bridge and park (2WD accessible with moderate clearance; keep left at the fork before the bridge). Walk up the road through a few cutblocks until the road becomes a trail and climbs through mature forest to Long Lake. If the lake is not frozen, walk around the north side to the hut. The total distance is 5.5 km and 600 m elevation gain (9.9 km and 1090 m in winter). In winter and especially in spring, there is overhead hazard along Phelix Creek FSR from large avalanche paths.

2021 Phelix GPS track

Last updated: Oct. 15, 2022

Conditions reports
New report
Roof damage  Jacob Grossbard 

The VOC has gotten a report from a group currently at the hut that snow falling from the roof pulled off some of the roofing. The hut should still be usable, but we will be doing repairs as soon as possible.
March 22, 2023

Roof Avalanche Damage  Randy Oakley 

The large amount of snow on the roof came off while we were touring on Wednesday March 22nd. The roof sheet metal and supporting plywood was peel off the South Side of the Dormer and partially off the North Side of the Dormer. The basic hut structure seems sound and access through the door wasn't too concerning. Some new snow fell Wednesday night and there was some leakage from melting snow during the day in the dormer sleeping area.


We stayed in the hut two nights after the roof damage and it was stable and still warm

And the skiing was amazing
March 22, 2023

Epic weekend for skinning and skiing  Morgan C 

A group of 35 VOC and non-VOC members spent Friday and Saturday night at the hut. Skin track up is in good condition with all creeks filled in. Skiing Saturday and Sunday was incredible with 15+cm of fresh snow over the weekend. Sunday ski out was best I've seen it at Phelix, minimal ice crust in the trees and route relatively easy to follow. No immediate repairs needed, we removed snow from the outhouse and hut door. A sign should be added at the summer TH junction, make sure to go left towards the large concrete blocks. A weekend filled with the simplest of joys: good friends, great skiing, and lots of memories of our friend Will
March 11, 2023

Great skin track conditions  Logan bagneres 

Hut in great condition. Took us just under 4 hours to get there and 1hr15 to get back. Beautiful location. Saw a few type 0.5-1 triggers on N aspect cabin hill and a type 1 on S aspect Gandalf.
March 4, 2023