Your Brew Hut registration

Make one registration for your group (hut fees can be paid individually), and please read these notices:

1. COVID-19: pack a tent. Follow provincial health guidelines (e.g., regarding group sizes indoors), and if the hut is full you should camp and cook outside.

2. The Roe Creek bridge is out. There is no longer a bridge over Roe Creek 5.9 km from the highway along Chance/Roe Creek FSRs. Fording the creek can be dangerous, especially in high water. The road beyond the bridge has also been aggressively deactivated. The VOC is looking into alternatives.

3. Clean up when you leave. Carry out EVERYTHING you carry in. When you leave, sweep the floor, clean the tables, and close all doors and windows.

4. No fires in the alpine! They're a wildfire risk, they leave ugly scars, and they deplete either natural deadfall or precious firewood.

5. Respect other hut users. Our huts are shared spaces. Be friendly and accommodating.

How many people in your group are: